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Lars Engelhard


I provide a deep understanding of the interdependencies between economics, politics, technology and sociology. Globally. My presentations are custom-tailored for your event, audience, and objectives. Joyfully infotaining, I will share a new-way of thinking that dissolves artificial boundaries, overcomes limitations and pushes the frontier way beyond what seemed possible.

In the past, we divided our study of the world into increasingly narrow disciplines, which allowed us to make tremendous progress. We became conditioned to think within boundaries. How do we take advantage of interrelations to drive change and proactively transform our world? Today, a far greater leap in progress is readily to organizations that see across disciplines. Leveraging complementary, diverse teams overcome ambiguity and continuously outperform. This is the key to unleash the full potential of individuals and organizations to create our future.

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  • The Risk & Opportunity of Disruptive Technology – Economic, Political, & Social
  • Innovation Management – disrupt yourself or someone else will
  • Business strategy for your fast-paced world – continuously evolve your brand for market dominance!
  • Move First – Gain and retain first-mover advantage!
  • Creating a Simplicity Advantage in Complex Systems – Take advantage of Interrelation, Interference and Synergy throughout/in Politics, Economics and the Social Sphere
  • Cohabitania – How Nation States can build a Viable World for 11 Billion People
  • Aligning Human Resource Management and User-Management 2.0 – replacing outdated structures
  • Agile Methods – fostering chaos with clear responsibilities
  • The Decentralized IT Advantage – Learn how to build decentralized and resilient IT systems, that scale with your success and employee growth.  [confidential C-Suite and Investor presentation]
  • Blockchain – far more than fintech, it is about to change your business environment, too. Get ready for new business models and upcoming opportunities. Be ready to reap the benefits!
  • Smart Technology to serve your organization, employees, customers and products – Learn how non-technical requirements are the key to successfully adopting and deploying smart technologies. 
  • Autonomous Driving, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), Connectivity & Infotainment – the truth about where this is heading in the next 10 years.  [Top-Level briefing for C-Suite, Investors and Top-Management]

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How Nation States Can Build A Viable World For 11 Billion People

Earth is currently accommodating about 7 billion people. Caused by our habits and living, we would need two of them to remain in balance. The United Nations predict humanity to grow up to 11 billion people in 2100. Therefore, it is time to reconsider our habits, alliances and politics. Why is it so difficult to promote long term objectives and adjust governance to safeguard our survival and foster long term prosperity?

Challenged during an international authorship meeting in 2015, I was invited to analyze current shortcomings and rethink our current mechanisms of national and international politics. We present our thoughts on a new world that could accommodate human mankind and ensure prosperity.

In 2015, I was invited by Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker, Co-Chair of the Club of Rome, to join ‘Come On!’. This project brings together a wide-range of Club of Rome thinking to show what can be done to develop a more sustainable world. Ernst knew about my various studies and my efforts to interlink technology, politics, economics and sociology. I became an author for the international Club of Rome.
Members are optimistic that fabulous opportunities exist to guide the world towards sustainable prosperity. So am I. In my previous academics and business profession, I observed various notable changes in our society. Our conclusion is that we need to develop a new Enlightenment that can profoundly transform the philosophical basis of society.