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Lars Engelhard


To drive your overall vision, strategy plans are partly based on presumptions, estimations and predictions. In our fast-paced world, most of them are outdated by the time action takes place. In such strategies, leaders are missing out to take advantage of short-term opportunities. I operate worldwide and introduce a superior framework that copes with complexity and dynamics.

Copying state of the art best practices won’t allow you to transform the big-picture. To ensure your vision becomes reality in today’s dynamic environment, you need to take complexity and dynamics into account. You will start to take advantage of interrelations and generate synergies across multiple disciplines. The result yields a resilient strategy despite uncertainty. Such an improved strategy and action plan will align actions. Introducing landmarks related to your presumptions, your teams will easily detect critical changes in your environment. Stop paralysing worries or fears in your organization by abandonning prejudgements of traditional risk analysis. Stop self fulfilling prophecies and foster mental strength to create responsive and successful teams. This will advance your organization and continuously revalidate your action plan to endure. Easily adapt on-time to master unexpected challenges or outdated presumptions. You will start to benefit from emerging short-term opportunities and achieve first-mover advantages. Applying my framework, I empower and train your organization to continuously evolve and adapt in dynamic environments.

Develop smart strategies


    Advance by taking complexity into account

To achieve unparalleled success, your strategy will need to take complexity and uncertainty into account and leverage them as assets. The default models fail in 99% of real life situations, which are more complex than forecasted. Stop simplification by ignoring our dynamic world! I employ clustered models and developed an enhanced framework to take advantage of interrelations, interference and synergies across multiple disciplines. The result yields a resilient strategy despite uncertainty. Our clients are thus able to eliminate hesitation and build momentum.

    Create strategies that aligns actions

To powerfully accelerate our results, one must employ a strategy that identifies and aligns key interrelations throughout multiple dimensions. To align many elements, such as financial, human, organizational, and technical design, you need to identify key interrelations. This is achieved by advanced static and dynamic analysis. Interrelations often cause interference, hesitation and conflicts between existing decision-making authorities. My concept includes the right framework to identify and align your key interrelations to instantly multiply your efforts. This will enable you to outperform expectations.

    Revalidate to endure and adapt

To drive an overall vision, strategy plans are partly based on presumptions, estimations and predictions. In our fast-paced world, those are constantly challenged and some of them get outdated by the time action takes place. A singular event beyond our control can dramatically alter the outcome of your actions, despite precise estimations and forecasts! My framework contains landmarks, making it easy to detect critical changes and shifting preconditions. Landmarks go beyond traditional risk analysis. Instead of mitigating failure, landmarks allow you to take advantage and add momentum to your actions!

    Evolve your organization

Sharing those landmarks along with a clearly defined vision statement, your will gain access to the total expertise of your organization. Start to harness your most valuable asset: your human capital!
Instead of continuously segregating responsibilities within your teams, highly performance teams must complement and overlap each other with a clear and compelling shared vision. I apply fundamental principles from psychology and sociology to foster respect and trust among your teams. These techniques have proved successful among rivalling departments or companies in mergers and acquisitions projects. Hierarchies will not dismantle, but their actions get finally aligned and efforts multiplied.

    Reap the benefits

You will experience a boost throughout all departments of your organization: your unique culture will evolve, internal communication will result in consistent external perception, your marketing will fully resonate with your brands social media activities and those of your employees.

About the Author

Lars is incredibly talented. I have seen him plot outstanding strategies, developing the organization and aligning actions for global corporations – all in one go! Lars actually takes advantage of complexity. With his one of a kind mindset, he comes up with effective solutions. If you face complexity and need the best strategy for your organization, Lars is the perfect match for you – Robert Wildfeuer, Owner, Wildfeuer Consulting

Lars is a global visionary thinker, excelling at cross-disciplinary thinking and strategic team alignment. He hones in on the fundamental root of a problem and makes the solution happen at ground level, integrating the technical, human, and economic elements – Hunter Post, Strategic Coach, ex-Special Agent Top Secret Clearance


I can help you crystallize the vision, form a strategy, and shape a culture and structure to ensure your results. CONTACT ME to leverage your strengths and unleash your future.


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Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker, Co-Chair of the Club of Rome, invited me to join this ambigious project in late 2015. 'Come On!' shows what can be done to develop a more sustainable world. Members of the club are optimistic that fabulous opportunities exist to guide the world towards sustainable prosperity. In my previous academics and business profession, I observed various notable changes in our society encouraging him to interlink technology, politics, economics and sociology.

Earth is currently accommodating about 7 billion people. Caused by our habits and living, we would need two of them to remain in balance. The United Nations predict humanity to grow up to 11 billion people in 2100. Therefore, it is time to reconsider our habits, alliances and politics.

Challenged during an international authorship meeting with our world's elite in 2015, one of our founding members was invited to analyze current shortcomings and rethink our current mechanisms of national and international politics.