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Lars Engelhard


My business career includes both global corporations and startups. In strategic leadership and management positions with Audi and VW, it was my responsibility to ramp up high performance teams to meet strategic corporate objectives. I have honed a T-shaped skillset through a variety of academic training and real-world business practice.  I hold degrees in electrical engineering and business economics (MBA) with distinction.

As soon as one skill is mastered, one should become a student of a new one. - Gerhart Hauptmann

I enjoyed continuous and extra-occupational studies in further academics such as medicine, computer science, psychology and sociology, which strengthen and complement my business experience. I am founder of several companies and gained experience in various industries and technologies. You can view my Vita for more details. In my career, I could always rely on my natural leadership character, my experience of earlier challenges and my 'gut feeling'. My curiosity is driving my innovative strength as well as my continuous academics.

Reviewing my achievements, I enjoyed challenges in strategic leadership positions as well as strategy consulting for C-level management & General Management. I designed holistic and smart approaches to enter new markets, gain superiority, boost innovative performance, drive organizational development and innovative B2B and B2C product developments. Continuously challenging myself, I understood that each organization shares a set of common behaviors and interests, due to individual’s psychology and social interrelations. Understanding the different languages and assets, I achieved excellence in mapping my experience throughout industries, politics, civil society and academics.

It is of great value for any organization to drive long-term sustainable success. But it takes continuous efforts to build, improve and strengthen the right atmosphere to achieve this. In order to communicate strategies that translate into feasible action plans, I review the individual needs and culture. There is no true top-down or bottom-up solution. We live in a complex world and organizations began to behave more like organisms. To achieve superiority, we need to admit dependencies and interrelations. Being responsible for the overall well-being, we need to take the appropriate actions, now!


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Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker, Co-Chair of the Club of Rome, invited me to join this ambigious project in late 2015. 'Come On!' shows what can be done to develop a more sustainable world. Members of the club are optimistic that fabulous opportunities exist to guide the world towards sustainable prosperity. In my previous academics and business profession, I observed various notable changes in our society encouraging him to interlink technology, politics, economics and sociology.

Earth is currently accommodating about 7 billion people. Caused by our habits and living, we would need two of them to remain in balance. The United Nations predict humanity to grow up to 11 billion people in 2100. Therefore, it is time to reconsider our habits, alliances and politics.

Challenged during an international authorship meeting with our world's elite in 2015, one of our founding members was invited to analyze current shortcomings and rethink our current mechanisms of national and international politics.